G-String Theory

Within every human heart there is an orchestra. An orchestra that shakes inspiration loose, that frees ideas from conventions. An orchestra that demands to be heard but only by those who are in tune with that special symphony like an inner tact that attracts with it’s rhythm. Each emotion is a different instrument, playing a different tune. Each emotion results in a feeling that prompts action.

You see. At certain points in your life some instruments will be more prominent than others.

Sometimes you might think that you lost parts of your orchestra, but you only muted them to stay true to yourself.

Sometimes you require every instrument meeting its full potential to guide you through the maze of your feelings.

Sometimes you hear a frantic, broken tone, over and over again, that urges you to mend your broken heart.

Sometimes you hear only a single violin playing a sad tune and you indulge in it’s simplicity.

Instead of drowning your symphony with the noise of the world, listen to it. Because once you indulge in every masterpiece, in every emotion, in every feeling, you will attract people that respond to the tone of your heart.

One heart alone plays a G-String as smooth and fragile as Bach’s violin. However, together, you might make a stunning Duo, a powerful Quartet or a tremendous Chamber Orchestra.

Listen closely.

Pay attention.

Surround yourself with hearts that resonate with your inner hum.

Because these hearts will bring out the most in you.

– Sophie A. Laurent


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